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Chef Jermaine J Paddio grew up in a Lafayette, Louisiana family, where he learned at an early age that quality of food was an essential ingredient to good living. As the eldest of 5 children, Chef Paddio learned the importance of using the freshest ingredients. Chef Paddio curiosity of life and cultural customs prompted him to step out on faith and follow his dreams in sharing his love of food with others. 


Shells and Tails 2 Geaux was established to provide authentic Cajun food with a little spice of southern soul attracting customers from all walks of life. We specialize in serving boiled crawfish, potatoes, corn, gumbo, and specialty desserts. 


Shells and Tails 2 Geaux will be a mobile food truck and in addition provide catering service to the local businesses and residents in the DFW area.

Meet The Cook


 Jermaine J. Paddio

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